Thursday, February 11, 2010

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Dott. Giorgio Pitzalis

Pediatra Gastroenterologo e Nutrizionista clinico, Presidente dell’Associazione Giustopeso Italia e Responsabile scientifico di

I dati rivelano una preoccupante crescita dell’obesità infantile.
Quali sono gli errori principali commessi durante il momento della merenda?

Attualmente in Italia quattro bambini su dieci sono sovrappeso od obesi. La probabilità di essere sovrappeso od obeso in età adulta aumenta con il passare dell’età di insorgenza dell'incremento ponderale: un bambino obeso a 10 anni ha una possibilità su tre di essere obeso in adulthood. That said, the mid-morning snack consumed at school from eight out of ten children is too abundant. But this is a consequence: the reason is a breakfast incomplete, reduced or absent. Milk is often prematurely abolished and replaced by soft drinks and sugar (resulting in a reduced intake of calcium and an increase in the proportion of dietary phosphorus) and finally the afternoon snack, lack of milk, yogurt or fruit, is based on processed foods (sweet or salty snacks).

Then how should be the perfect snack for young children and school?

remember that in general the eating behavior is a factor by which the parents have the opportunity to understand the child, but beware: the baby gets his impressions on eating habits (not only) of Mom and Dad! So the first suggestion is to find time to have breakfast together in the family (only ten minutes), partly by eating low fat milk or yogurt, bread with jam or Nutella (a veil), or 2:00 to 3:00 tablespoons cornflakes) or biscuits ( three at most), seasonal fruit. Once in school, such as morning snack is just a small sandwich with the bread preferred, or a packaged snack cake. Beware the calorie content: it is better to avoid products containing more of 120 kilocalories per piece (no more than two or three times a week). Even better if the child brings to school in the mother's or grandmother's cake. Finally, it provides that if the school lunch or snack mid-morning snack, we represent not an alternative: the child has eaten! We

some ideas for mothers to change daily snack rompidigiuno the afternoon so it is always genuine, healthy, balanced and complete?

We should all take about 500 ml of milk or yogurt and five servings (equal to the volume of five of our fists) of fruit or vegetables a day. For the rest, the ideal snack in the afternoon there rompidigiuno: smoothies are good or skewers seasonal fruit, but also bread with olive oil and tomatoes or bread without going to discard the usual snack (even worse than salty). To avoid a snack, or worse, to lunch, chips or tea. Excessive consumption of snack foods, snacks, chips, accompanied by soft drinks, which contain saturated animal fats or worse hydrogenated vegetable fat, salt and sugar in large amount (not to mention the additives, preservatives or dyes), leads to obesity or accumulation of fat in the liver, as well as other injuries, such as hypertension and diabetes at a young age. And never eat in front of the TV! We are "besieged" by advertising aimed primarily at young audiences, which inevitably influence food choices of the entire family. Do you think that every hour spent by a child watching television is associated with an increase of 167 calories daily ingested!


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